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LOTVacuum aims to become a small yet big, and a young but string corporation
Dec. Re-certified as Venture Business (Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO))
Nov. Designated as KB Hidden Star 500 by KB Bank
Jun. Enhanced infrastructure through the re-implementation of BPR/ERP
Apr. Designated as pre-hidden champion at Kosdaq
Jan. Designated as pre-hidden champion at Kosdaq
Dec. Awarded excellence award for 10 year joint growth (Samsung Electronics)
Jun. Designated as promising export small & medium business
Jul. Designated as a business practicing yielding negotiation for win-win approach between labor and management
Apr. Registered trademark (EcoSL, EcoScrew)
Dec. Awarded 10 Million Dollar Export Tower on Trade Day
Apr. Designated as excellent corporation for consignment trade by Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Administration
Feb. Received commendation from the Commissioner of Customs for Exemplary tax payment on Taxpayer's Day
Patent Application (All-in-one vacuum generating device)